Dr. Kerstin Hoffmann

Communications Strategist &
Content Marketing Specialist

Top expert in public relations and digital communications. Renowned blogger and author.

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Your B2B Company is a Love Brand

Think about it: Your products and services are outstanding, because you have invested a lot. Your customers are highly satisfied or even give enthusiastic feedback. That’s why you love what you are doing.

But what about your community? Wait – community? Who are they? What do you know about them? Do you listen to them, when they are talking about you? Do you use the same networks and platforms they do? Have you ever asked them, what kind of stories they want to hear, what they need and what they expect from you? How do you get in touch? Are you really connected? And: Do you have a strategy, or are you still trying? Let’s figure this out together!

Strategy & Planning

Show me your goals – I’ll show you the way.

Consulting & Troubleshooting

Honest Feedback that helps. No buzzwording.

Content Marketing

Tell the stories your community wants.

About Kerstin Hoffmann, PhD

Kerstin Hoffmann is one of Germany’s top experts, bloggers and book authors in public relations and digital communications. She is speaker No. 1 in social media (absolit ranking). Kerstin holds a PhD in Philosophy and also teaches at Heinrich Heine University (Düsseldorf).
Her blog „PR-Doktor“ is one of the most read and leading blogs about PR and communications.

Her latest book was published in December 2016, again by renowned Haufe Verlag.

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“What I like most about my work: those moments of sudden revelation that make eyes shine and sparkle – first those of my clients, then of their customers, partners, influencers …”

– Kerstin Hoffmann

Keynote Speaker

“Lively, captivating, humorous and extremely substanciated”, that’s what professionals say about Kerstin Hoffmann. Your audience will love her talks and will learn a lot.

(Video is in German; English version coming asap.)